Thursday, March 31, 2016

Find your lost treasure

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One night Adi Sankaracharya, a noblest soul, was desperately searching for something on the street outside his small hut. When His pupil, returned back from work, he saw this and curiously asked, “Aacharya, what are you looking for, here on the street, at this hour?”

Sankaracharya  replied, “I lost my needle.”

Pupil joined him in the search, but after searching for a while, he asked, “Can you try and recollect where you might have dropped it?”

Sankaracharya  said, “Of course, I remember. I dropped it near the bed, in our hut.”

Pupil surprised  and astonished , “Aacharya, You lost it inside the house, then why are we looking for it outside?”

Sankaracharya  innocently replied, “There was no oil left in our lamp. It was pitch dark inside the house to search for it. Hence I thought of searching for it outside, since there was enough streetlight here.”

While holding his laugh, pupil said, “ If you lost your needle inside the house, how could you even expect to find it outside?”

Sankaracharya  simply smiled back at pupil and Pupil got the beautiful moral behind his silly act.

We are all seeking outside, what we have lost inside us. Why, just because it is pitch dark inside? Silly, aren’t we?

Light the lamp inside you.

Find your lost treasure.
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