Thursday, August 11, 2016

what we give to others comes back to us.

A  small  story  which  beautifully  illustrates that  what  you  sow,  you  reap.

" Once  upon  a  time  there  was  a  small time  business  man  from  a  small  village who  used  to  sell butter  in  the  nearby town.  A  big  shop  owner  in  the  town  was his  regular  customer.

The  villager  used  to  deliver  every  month the  shop  owner  the  required  butter  in  1 Kg.  Blocks  and  in turn  he  used  to  get grocery  items  like  sugar,  pulses  etc  from the  big  shop  owner.

Once  the  shop  owner  decided  to  weigh the  butter  and  to  his  surprise  every  block of  butter weighed  900  gms.  instead  of  1kg.

Next  month  when  the  villager  came  to supply   Butter,  the  shop  owner  was  very angry  at  him  and told  to  leave  the  shop, to  this  the  villager  replied  him  courteously " Sir,  I  am  a  very  poor  villager,
I  don't  have  enough  money  to  even  buy the  required  weights  for  weighing  the butter,  I  usually  put the  1Kg  sugar  you give  me  on  one  side  of  Weighing  scale and  weigh  butter  on  another  side"

This beautifully  illustrates that  what  we  give  to  others  comes  back to  us.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

no full stops in india

Mark Tully the BBC correspondent for India for many years writes about changes happening in MODI'S regime.

Mark Tully, ex BBC Correspondent in his Book "No Full Stops in India," while discussing about change writes ; In India change takes a lot more time.

The birth will be slow and perhaps painful. I believe it could be the birth of a new order which is not held up by the crumbling colonial pillars left behind by the Raj but is GENUINELY Indian ; a GC modern order, but not a slavish imitation of other modern orders”.

He goes on to say that – “For all its great achievements, the Nehru dynasty has stood like a Banyan tree, overshadowing the people and the institutions of India, and all Indians know that nothing grows under the Banyan tree”.

As Mark said , Change will be slow and painful, therefore for someone who doesn’t read and makes judgement based on perception will for quite some time not be able to see the change taking place or will pretend as if nothing is changing. 

The way changes are coming in Railways, Power sector, Defense Production and in governance and at the same time accompanied by the resentment of the old forces indicate that the process of change has begun albeit slowly but firmly and is going to be painful.

Let us not undermine the capabilities of this termite ridden old Banyan tree which will still try its best to stop any one growing to the extent that it may even turn the soil upside down before falling down.

For a year or so we may witness more of Dadris, more of Kaniyahas, more of Owaisi style shouting but finally if the Society keeps its cool, acts maturely and continues to perform we will sail through and the old forces will die a natural death.

LET ME ADD to this every day the new stir media throws in your face is all doctored by forces who wish to topple Modi Govt as Modi has uprooted them and they are like fish out of the water The time has come to continue to support the man and keep your faith intact and we will see new India for sure bigger, better, stronger, corruption free , peaceful prosperous then ever before with people having better quality of life..
- Mark Tully.
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Thursday, March 31, 2016



1) Open all windows in the house and allow fresh air and sunshine to enter the house. Free flowing air and sun are negative energy removers

2. Dispose of all the old unwanted things lying in the house. Clutter is a negativity magnet. It attracts and accumulates negative energy in the house.

3). Walking barefoot in the house helps all your negative energy to be absorbed by the earth.
Grounding is important to keep the energy balance in our body.

4) In the olden days, footwears were kept out of the house. People used to enter the house only after washing feet with water. This action ensures that all the negativity remains outside or are grounded by earth and does not enter the house. Now it has become difficult to keep the footwear outside. So preferably remove them near the entrance door.

5) Go out in the open air. Take walks in the garden or open ground. Being amongst nature re-energizes or charges you fully.

6) Sweeping the floor also ensures that the negative energies are shaken and moved out with the dirt.

7)  Rock salt is another negativity remover. Wash or mop your floor with a fistful rock salt in a bucket of water. This ensures that every nook and corner of the house is rid of negative energy.

8) Potted plants or trees around your house or society also ensures more positive energy in the house and area.

9) Bathing or Soaking your legs and hands in rock salt water once in a while removes the negativity attached to your body and cleanse your aura.

11)   Repetition of Prayers,  increases the positive vibrations in the house. 100%

11)  Keep your thoughts, action and speech Positive. Negative thoughts will bring in negative vibes. So avoid all negative thoughts, speech and actions.

12) Keep your house well lit and illuminated. Light removes negativity.

13) Keep faith in God and in yourself.
You are the Creator of your own destiny by the Choices you make.


Find your lost treasure

Very Nice 😊 One !
Read to reflect.......

One night Adi Sankaracharya, a noblest soul, was desperately searching for something on the street outside his small hut. When His pupil, returned back from work, he saw this and curiously asked, “Aacharya, what are you looking for, here on the street, at this hour?”

Sankaracharya  replied, “I lost my needle.”

Pupil joined him in the search, but after searching for a while, he asked, “Can you try and recollect where you might have dropped it?”

Sankaracharya  said, “Of course, I remember. I dropped it near the bed, in our hut.”

Pupil surprised  and astonished , “Aacharya, You lost it inside the house, then why are we looking for it outside?”

Sankaracharya  innocently replied, “There was no oil left in our lamp. It was pitch dark inside the house to search for it. Hence I thought of searching for it outside, since there was enough streetlight here.”

While holding his laugh, pupil said, “ If you lost your needle inside the house, how could you even expect to find it outside?”

Sankaracharya  simply smiled back at pupil and Pupil got the beautiful moral behind his silly act.

We are all seeking outside, what we have lost inside us. Why, just because it is pitch dark inside? Silly, aren’t we?

Light the lamp inside you.

Find your lost treasure.
Thought you might like it..

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tappers & Listeners

Tappers & Listeners

In 1990, a psychology student at Stanford University, conducted an interesting experiment.  It was referred to as the "Tappers & Listeners" experiment.  The rest of the world first heard of it when the authors Chip and Dan Heath started talking about in public.

For her PhD dissertation, Elizabeth Newton invited her peers in college to participate in the study.  Each student was assigned one of two roles: 'Tapper' or 'Listener'.  The tappers were given a list of twenty-five popular tunes, such as "Happy Birthday to you" and "Jingle Bells".  They had to tap out the tune with their fingers on a table, and the listeners had to guess the song.  As you might have guessed, this was not an easy task at all.  Of the hundred and twenty times a tune was tapped, the listener could guess the tune correctly only thrice.  That's a success rate of about 2.5%.

But here's the interesting bit.  Before the tappers began to tap the tune, Elizabeth asked them to predict the probability of the listeners being able to guess the song correctly.  The tappers predicted a 50% chance that they would be able to get the listeners to guess the tune correctly.

So while they thought that they would be able to get the listeners to guess correctly one out of two times, the reality was that listeners could guess the tune only once in forty attempts.  How come?

Well, here's what was happening.  As the tapper taps the tune, he can hear the song playing in his head  His fingers seem to be tapping the tune in perfect sync with what's playing in his head.  And he just can't understand what the listener is not able to pick up such a simple tune!

And what about the listener?  Well, she doesn't have the tune playing in her head, without which, she has no idea what's happening.  She tries as hard as can to make sense of the bizarre Morse-code like tapping that she hears.  Alas, to no avail.  This results in utter frustration.

As leaders, we often fall into the tapper's trap!  We give instructions which seem very clear in our heads but our colleagues may have no idea what we want them to do.  Has it happened to you that you called a young trainee to do some work, and when she got back the next day - having slogged all night to finish the task - you were disappointed?  She hadn't quiet done what you were looking for.  You probably felt a bit frustrated too, that she 'didn't quiet get it.'

The next time that happens, do remember that the problem is with the tapper - not the listener.  Because you knew what you wanted to get done, you assumed it was clear to the young trainee too.  That is seldom he case.

The next time you are communicating with a colleague, think about the "Tappers & Listeners" experiment.  And remember, what's obvious to you may not be so to the other person.  When the listener says he doesn't get it, that's not a signal to get irritated.  It's probably telling you to put yourself in the other person's shoes, and try and be more explicit.  Don't assume that knowledge levels are the same.

One more thing. Tapping harder or Tapping repeatedly won't make it any easier for the Listener!


Sunday, March 27, 2016


Do you know what happens when you meditate? You are creating a rapport with the other realms of reality.When your mind is still, when meditation is happening, you are not only purifying every cell of your own body, but you are spreading positive energy all around you. Your meditation brings peace and joy to people who have already passed and gone to the other side, which is very, very important.

When you are silent, you are not putting things into the mind from the world; you are letting yourself free, cleansing the body, and cleansing the mind. During this time, some thoughts may bombard your mind. Some old things may just come and bother you. Never mind, don’t be scared. The fact you are sitting is good enough. Whatever happens is all for good. If old thoughts are coming and bothering you, never mind, they just come and they go. Nevertheless, keeping silent is very, very precious, not just for you, but also for the subtle creation. For the world also, because you are creating such positive vibrations every minute you are in silence, every minute you are meditating!

In addition, the full moon, the ocean and meditation, all go very well. The mind is agitated if it is involved in too much activity. Time to time, as you take yourself back from activity, then agitation disappears, meditation wells up.

- Sri Sri

Sunday, March 20, 2016

basic law of right human behavior

The basic law of right human behavior is self-reform.... Whenever any trouble occurs with our friends or dear ones, we should inwardly lay the blame on ourselves for getting into an unpleasant situation and then try to get out of it as fast and as graciously as we can. It is fruitless to increase the trouble by loudly, unkindly, discourteously blaming others, even though we find that they are to blame. We can teach quick-tempered dear ones to mend their faults a hundred times better by setting a good example than we can by harsh or self-righteous words.

Friday, March 11, 2016


Weekly Knowledge #71
Bangalore Ashram
16 Oct 1996


One who has given everything has also given freedom: Honor the freedom first and make good use of all things given to you.

Your sankalpas (intentions) and desires separate you from God.

Offer all the desires and your sankalpas to the Divine... then you are divine... you are God... you are free... lacking nothing.

Effort is the key in the relative,

Effortlessness is the key to the Absolute.

Your mind does not belong to you. Don't blame it.

Let the BIG SELF embrace it.

🌸Jai Guru Dev🌸

Friday, February 26, 2016

Feel abundant

Poverty is only in the mind. In North India, one day before Diwali they celebrate Dhanteras. On Dhanteras they bring out all their wealth, place it in front of God and feel the abundance. Why do they do this? It is because when we feel abundant within, it brings out a positive attitude, energy and enthusiasm, and you are able to get more. But when you are in a 'lack' consciousness, I tell you, that seed that you have sown will increase the lack and reduce abundance. Abundance first starts as a seed within you, so feel abundant. When the seed of abundance is within you, magic happens!


Weekly Knowledge #58
Bad Antogast
17 Jul 1996


Respect everybody as you respect Me, but don't expect from everyone what you expect from Me.

You do it the other way. You don't respect everybody as you respect Me, but you expect them to give you joy and behave ideally. When they don't live up to your expectations, you get frustrated and you blame or curse them. By cursing, you lose your spiritual energy. Blessing brings your spiritual energy up.

The world is full of differences and arguments are inevitable. With forbearance or patience and wisdom, skillfully make your way up.

If you find fools around you, they are going to make you wiser. The number of fools around you indicates the strength of your centeredness. Don't try to get rid of them! (Laughter)

If you are not centered you will have no patience to put up with them. When you are totally established, you find the fools come up with wisdom. They are your own reflection, there is no other. Fools offer you frustration and wisdom. Be choosy and make your life juicy.

Hmm . . . What do you say? I think this is something very timely.

Question: How can you stop thinking others are fools?

Answer: You don't have to. You can see the whole world as fools. The advantage is you don't get attached to anyone. (Laughter) No one likes to associate with fools. If you think people are sane, you want to join them.

You can think everybody is a fool and be cool.

🌸Jai Guru Dev🌸

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar 24Feb2016

"When we are in activity our mind is always in the front. You just close your eyes, you’ll feel your mind is in the front. Because the mind goes through the eyes to look at the world and through the ears. The mind is mostly focused, during activity, in the frontal part of the body. For relaxing we take our mind to the background. You see suddenly there is some difference happening. It is necessary, from time to time."

Ques: In the beginning of Rudra Puja there is shloka, ‘na karmana na prajaya dhanena tyagenaike amritatvamanashuh’, what does it mean?
#SriSri: Yes, this is a very nice one! This is said to the Saints, Sanyasis, enlightened people, this is usually the mantra that they say while doing pranam, the vedic pundits. ‘na karmana na prajaya dhanena’, not through actions, not through money, not through fame or progeny or following, the nectar is achieved thru renunciation. ‘Tyagenaike amritatvamanashuh’, the nectar, immortality, can only be achieved through renunciation. ‘parena nakam nihitam guhayam’, ‘nakam’ means beyond the heavens, beyond the sorrow and beyond the heaven also. ‘parena nakam’ beyond the pleasures. ‘nihitam guhayam’, that which is in the depth of one’s heart, in the cave of the heart, the enlightened Saints, they live there. ‘Bibhrajate yadyatayo vishanti’, the ‘yatis’, meaning the Saints they live in the heart, the inner cave of the heart. There, deep inside, they are shining. That is the mantra they say while doing pranam. That which is shining in the heart, that is where the Saints are present, they are immersed there. There could be many meanings like that, immersed in it, they are into it, they live there etc. This is what we have always been saying. ‘Vedanta vijnana suniscitarthah’, they are so certain about the knowledge of the Vedas. Vedanta is, all is one, quantum physics. What appears is not the truth, what is not appearing, that which is beyond all the apperances, that is the truth. And that scientifically established. ‘suniscitarthah’, it is so sure about it, not doubting it at all. We are very well in the conviction of the Vedants. ‘samnyasa yogadyataya suddha sattvah’, with sansyas yoga, you are of pure intellect. ‘te brahma lokesu paranta kale paramratah parimucyanti sarve’, not only do they attain the Brahman after leaving the body, but they show the path while they are alive, they take everyone along. ‘Dharam vipapam paramesma bhutam, yad pundarikam puramadhya sagastham, tatrapi dahram gaganam visokam’, they live in a space which is free from sorrow and bring everyone into that space. And let me be in that space, that is the prayer, let me be in that space of the Saint. Just coming into that space mentally, not just physically, mentally getting into that space where the Saint lives or Guru lives, itself brings you freedom. ‘gaganam’ it’s so deep, it’s so vast, ‘visokam’, it has no sorrow in it. So many words, they all indicate to one thing, that is the space that is beyond all name and form.’Tasmin ya dantastatu pasidavyam’, that which is inside, that is worth going near, worth appreciating. ‘Yo vedadau svara proktah vedante ca pratistitaha, tasya prakriti linasya yah parahssa mahesvaraha’, where are u looking for God? Don’t look for Him at all! This life is God, this world is God. Don’t blame the world around. It has various names and forms but It is all God. ‘Yo vedadau svara proktah’, that which is said in all the Vedas, that which has been sung in all the scriptures of the world, that which has been established by Vedanta, that Divinity which is right within you, everywhere, around you. ‘tasya prakriti linasya’, that which is present in the nature, in the whole Universe, ‘lina’ means immersed, ‘prakriti’ means nature, that which is immersed in the nature. ‘yah parahssa mahesvaraha’, still it is beyond the nature, that which is immersed in nature. It is in nature, still it is beyond the nature, that is Divinity. And that Divinity is in you, as you. So relax, repose. This is Vedanta.

Ques: I was always taught to put effort. But coming here, life seems effortless. Please comment.
#SriSri: As long as your job is getting done, you don’t have to worry. Life is a combination of both effort and effortlessness. You have to put some effort somewhere at some time and then you have to let go also, both.

Ques: Can you please say something about the Devikavacham?
#SriSri: The Devikavacham is different names of the Devi taken in different parts of the body. It’s almost like Yoga Nidra but with names. Because every name has got some qualities and some energy and that affects some parts. Because name and for are very closely related. Devikavacham, just listening to it, let this Devi be in my tummy, let this Devi be in my ear, this Devi be in my forehead, like that every part of the body and also the seven ‘dhatus’ (elements of the body) in the body. ‘Kavach’ means armour, creating an armour around us. It’s very nice, Bhanu has sung that in one of the tapes, Cosmic Resonnance. It’s very meditative. Just a little flute music only, no other music. The Devikavacham, it says the Mother Divine’s names like an armour aroung us, our body. Especially during Navaratris, this is done all the all the nine days. It is very important. Listen to it, sit and listen to it. The protection is anyway there, but this somewhere does something, elevates one’s spirit.

Ques: During homas or meditation sessions, if I take my relatives along with me in my mind, does it have an impact on them?
#SriSri: Yes, sure. Thought waves can reach far and wide.

Ques: Can you give us a message for padayatra? (Question from international Vedic Wisdom participants who are about to embark on padayatras as part of the program)
#SriSri: Padayatra, just go around and talk to people. Though India is a land of wisdom, unfortunately many have not realized it. For whatever reason it has not reached to the common masses. Though it is there, last two generations and a long colonial rule that India has undergone, systematically this has been sidelined or destroyed. That is why many people are at loss. That is why whatever little wisdom we have, it’s better that we start encouraging people, sharing with them, asking them to meditate and sing along. That is what padyatra is all about. And they would love it, when people are coming and telling them, they will enjoy it. In this country unfortunately, the wisdom has been confined to certain sections of society or some elite group, it was not avaialable for the masses. For the first time in the Art of Living, we said, no we want to go to the masses. Of course, everybody has some rituals but then there are other people who have come and told them, ‘Hey, this is nonsense, you shouldn’t do all this singing , these sort of things.’ Some people have also been told that your God is not the real God, my God is the real God. This sort of ignorance has been stuffed in the society, it’s so unfortunate. They say if you do all this bhajans, sing, if you go to temples, you will all go to hell. Day before yesterday, one lady was here, she was crying, ‘My son now refuses to go to the temple and refuses to take part in any religious functions’ Because he was being brainwashed by somebody that these are all devil practice, you have to go to my God only, then you will go to heaven. This sort of wrong indoctrination, there are mild indoctrinations, there is another extreme indoctrination. They say you will get heaven only when you are in a warrior mode, when you are ready to kill yourself, suicide bombers. Why would somebody do a suicide bomb? Because they were given temptation of going to heaven. This is another types of brainwashing. We need to re-instill the faith in unity, in diversity and many names, many forms, freedom to worship, freedom to honour and co-exist, this is the root of ancient Vedic culture, let’s honour everybody, the whole world is one family, this is the message we need to give. When we go on padayatra, tell people who are moving away from their roots, hold on to your roots. There is a deep sense of low self-esteem in this country. That is to be removed. Because of long colonial rule and other things, lack of self-esteem, they don’t honour what they have, what they are. So we need to tell them, hey it’s ok the way you are, your belief system is fine, there is nothing wrong, you won’t go to hell! This reassurance is needed. And don’t fall prey to these people who come and say, your Gods are going to take you to heel, only my God will take you to heaven, this is sort of brainwashing, tell them that this is not true. That’s all we need to tell them, have faith in yourself, in your traditions, your customs and have a broad vision. Fanaticism is no good. It’s not the sign of intelligence. Fanaticism is not a sign of intelligence. Intelligent people are very scientific, open, happy, inquisitive, they are innovative, they are an inspiration to others. Fanatics are scary, they will only bring you fear. They put fear in others, ‘hell will come to fall on your head’! Even yesterday when I was in Tamil Nadu people were telling me, earlier in a village, everyone was together. In the Hindu festivals, Christians would all come and they say now in the last decade or so, the division has become much bigger, they say. People say, don’t take prasadam in the temple. Even if it is given they just throw it on the floor. Because this fear has been induced in the mind, if you eat prasadam or some food from a temple, you will go to hell or evil will enter into you! So they are not having a common meal together, which was not the case before. That is so unfortunate. They were sharing with Me, that this has become a big division among the three communities nowadays. That is why the World Culture Festival will bring in everyone together. Tell them that everyone is a child of God, there is no satan who will enter into you if eat your prasadam somewhere. Fear and guilt has been induced into people’s mind to keep them aloof. That needs to be got rid of.

Ques: So many of our soldiers have been killed by terrorist attacks, what can we do? How can spiritual knowledge help soldiers?
#SriSri: Spiritual knowledge is always useful in may ways. Soldiers have a lot anxiety. If they have anxiety, they can help them. There are so many soldiers committing suicide out of depression, they can come out of depression, it can help them to handle their mind, it can help them to better their intuitive abilities. For terrorism, education is required. Those who have become terrorists we can’t do much about them, unless we get them into a jail. We can do work with them in the prison. But we can stop children getting into this mindset. So down the line, ten years, fifteen years later, at least we will have no child with such mentality. If you ask me how, I’ll give you an example. See, children, a few decades ago, in the tribal region, in poor areas, they never knew how to brush their teeth. Take for example, the African continent. There are many people who did not know how to brush their teeth! But today that is not the case. From young age we teach them how to brush their teeth. So dental hygiene has become a common thing. There was polio, now polio has been eradicated, how? We attended at the very infant level. Like if we could eradicate cholera and polio and these diseases by attending to kids, we can vaccinate with them anti-radicalization, we can vaccinate kids against terrorism. This is the only way we can do it. De-radicalize youths, who have already gone into that mindset and give vaccination to kids who have not yet walked that path.